Standard and Delux chalet

The Standard  Chalet suitable for up to 2 cats from the same family. It has enclosed sleeping quarters with a window and heater, there is a shelf at the back for your cat to sit on and look out. The exit is at the front where there is another shelf and ladder to the run area. the run is  double sized with a rug and scratching post and litter tray to the rear. There is sneeze barriers either side and the chalet opens onto a safety corridor. All chalets have baskets and comfy cushions.

The delux chalet is suitable for 4 cats from the same family and delux plus is suitable for 6 cats from the same family. The chalet has enclosed sleeping quarters with twin heaters, shelving to the rear so your cat can view the cattery.The sleeping quarters have bedding and baskets for your cats comfort. The exit is via a cat door to the front with a shelf for your cat to sit on. a cat ladder leads to the run area where there is a litter tray to the rear, a rug is near the front for added luxury, and a scratching  post to play on. There are sneeze barriers between each chalet, and they open onto a safety corridor/exercise area.

Q.. Difference between   standard  and delux?
A.. Size, the delux is A larger chalet with larger sleeping quarters and run.

Q.. Can I bring in bedding?
A... No, we provide comfy bedding for all our guests.

Q...Can I leave my cat carrier?
A.. yes they can be stored in with your cat.

Q...Can I bring toys?
A...Yes you may bring toys for your cat

Q..Can I bring a scratching post?
A...No need as these are provided in a delux chalet and standard plus chalets