Opening Hours & Prices

Mondayto Sunday Morning appointments 
starting at 10am and running every 5 minutes until 11-45am.

Monday ,Tuesday, Thursday ,Friday, Saturday evening
 appointments starting at 5-30pm and running every 5minutes untill 6-30 pm

PLEASE NOTE We are closed Wednesday and  Sunday evening and bank holidays

Please allow sufficient travelling time to arrive at your given appointment time. We live on the premises and appreciate in you not asking to come out of hours as we hate having to say no.
 1cat std £14 per day, 2 cats sharing std £18 per day
1cat dlx £17 per day, 2 cats sharing dlx £21 per day
3 cats sharing dlx £28-50 per day, 4 cats sharing dlx £36 per day

5% discount for over 35days
PLEASE NOTE OUR PRICES are fully hidden extras
E.g. 10 days boarding for 1 cat in a standard   10 X £14=£140
Sharing is for cats living in the same household only.